1-10oz Red, 1-10oz Yellow and 1-10oz Green Marmanero™

one of each

Yellow Marmanero™, presents sweet heat in a subtly perfect intensity that pairs best with soft cheeses, fish, fowl, yams and seafood or grilled tofu. Simple yet impressive appetizer staple for us “gadabouts” who never want to show up empty-handed.

Red Marmanero™, presents bold layers of flavor as both a condiment and appetizer on or with anything edible. Gourmets prefer it with duck, lamb and grilled vegetables or right out of the jar- but only behind closed doors, of course.

Green Marmanero™, though subtly dominated by the bell pepper is immediately complimented by the heat of the habanero chili. Never competing, these flavors boldly lead pairings with pork, seafood and chips to heights of unimagined gourmet satisfaction.

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